Sitting naked!

Sitting naked

in Body

after making love..

Across a table

looking straight 

into each other’s eyes

and face.

My legs crossed over mine

His legs crossed over his.

I tell a story from yonder

He listens

sipping cranberry juice..

I talk

drinking cold icy water

It is hot..

He is still

with all of him

Once I am done

He says..

“ tell a story well.”

I smile at him

And I say

“Time for a bath?”


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He touched my breasts

By the river

Under the sweetness of Frangipani

And said

He wants them and can’t figure out

If to nibble at them

or smell them

as a flower.


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Wood smoke!

There were trees,

There were hills,

A log hut,

A portico in silence.

The stars bright, 

The moon hidden,

Wood smoke rising,

From the valley.

I touched that night,

A part of me,

Was not whole,

To a sonnet of love,

So profound.

How may I be,

Sober again,

Lips that drank

Through me,

My Self.


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Rest to dreams!

Yes there are dreams,

I often ask myself,

Do they all need,

To come true?

And when some have,

How long did the,

Elation last but,

For a few moments!

From this eternity,

How many dreams,

Arise in me and,

Make me restless?

My dreams fulfilled,

My dreams unfulfilled,

Dreams come in the way,

Of a goodnight’s rest!

Yes I have dreams,

But I ask myself,

How do I put them

Forever to rest?

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Jaisalmer yellow and black Kota


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Today you are going
Into lands distant and wide
Journey into yourself
And come back mine


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Where artists meet

My artist friends, Ashwini and Kaarthikeyan, and I enjoyed a lovely artist-date a few days ago. I painted them both while they wrote and talked. We share a lovely site: that is helping me to slowly regain my artistic voice.



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Slow and rewarding!

Learning with my children

A slow and rewarding

Dance of love

Like dew 

That seeps


The parched


I saw a new

Green stem

Pierce its way

Out of a dark

Hard and rough

Bark of a tree

That was green

Up there.

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Abstract in Blue

We set up a table with Lego last night. Kids and I enjoyed creating random things. I tried my hand at creating art with Lego. A first effort here…


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